Welcome New Consultants! This area of our website is especially for you! These are tools that will help you get your business up and running!!


Your first goals involve the Three "P"'s


Profit Basis

Power Start


You will want to look at the New Consultant Packet below, and click on each link to print. Please call Pam within 24 hours so that she may answer any questions that you have. Next select at least 6 women to do training in our company background with you. Last, schedule your Business Debut. This will gain you everything and MORE in Mary Kay. The information below is your Path to Success.

My GOAL is your SUCCESS. The best advice I have for New Consultants is this:


To play ball with your director - no matter what, she has your best interest at heart!

Remain Coachable, Teachable, and Trainable at all times!

Stay plugged in to tapes, meetings, the website, and positive people! You become like the 5 people you hang out with most!


New Consultant Packet

1st Steps Handbook

Director Information

What Do I Do First? Checklist

MK Contact List

Inventory: A Business Decision

Financing Your Business

Planning Your Debut

Helpful Scripts

Inventory Bonus Chart


Set Your Business Up For Success

Consultant Profile - fill out and return to me

Start Earning Now!

The Three "P"'s Information

Business Power Plan

Product Bonus Chart

Ready, Set, Sell Brochure

Earn a FREE Color 101 Set Just for YOU!

Inventory Packet

Your Personal Use

You Were Meant to be Debt FREE

11 Ways to Finance Your Inventory

Mary Kay Loans from USBANK

Sample Profit Basis Planner

Roll Up Bag Information

Be a Star Consultant Even When You are New

Credit Card Application from USBank


Other Resources

Inventory Training from Robin Rowland

Great Face Race

Great Face Race Online Form (Use this link to fill out your Face Race voucher online only between the 1st and 5th of the month. The printable one is for your tracking.)
Starter Kit Information

Using Your New Face Cases

But Who Would I Sell To?

Pearl Script

Consultant Focus Folder

MK Connections

File Don't Pile - Let's Get Organized!

10 Reasons Why You Should Attend Your Meetings

Dos and Don'ts of Coaching Your Meeting Guests

The Feeling Wheel

New Consultant POP Booking Script

Full Circle Tracking Sheet


Pearls of Sharing!


Earn these Pearls of Sharing earrings when you hold three team-building appointments in your first two weeks.


Earn this Pearls of Sharing bracelet when you hold six team-building appointments in your first month.


Earn this Pearls of Sharing necklace when you add one new personal team member in your first month who places a minimum $600 wholesale order.



Stay "In the Know"



Sign up for the basic package and your First Month is FREE! Be sure to let me know your number.